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Who I Am

I am a musician.  I am a songwriter, arranger, producer.

“There is no more powerful story to share than the American Dream coming to life.”


Terry Sweet is Americana personified. He’s had a long, successful career writing and performing jingles that hook an audience and sold everything from sausage to raisin bran. While doing so, Terry directed and performed with a brilliant rainbow of singers, musicians and engineers. All the while, he kept writing his own music for some day… and that day is here.


Gritty, powerful and vulnerable, Terry has tapped into themes that touch the American soul in his powerful, new album, LISTEN TO THE BARS. He wrote all the words and music, scored every arrangement, played piano, organ, synthesizer and sang - and then produced the recording sessions at East Iris Recording Studios in Nashville over the early months of 2022.


The COVID shutdowns gave Terry the opportunity to write these songs… it was time well spent. Each memorable track is inspired by its own separate, compelling story. 

People never tire of the American Dream coming to life… especially if they can tap their toes to it.

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