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(The Ballad of Frank & Mamah)

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                                              Terry Sweet

                                                                                     Songcutter Music BMI


(The Ballad of Frank and Mamah) 

There’s a house on a hill
They call it Taliesin
Where Frank and Mamah shared a romance 

A spiritual Hegira 

People came from afar
To study with the Master 

But some folks shamed it 

Called it a Love Bungalow 

The man and the woman 

The husband and the wife 

A sordid, salacious affair! 

The press and the neighbors
Did not approve
But Frank and Mamah
Just didn’t care 

‘Cause their love was in bloom 

And everyone could see it
As they strolled through
Her pretty flower garden 

Down at Taliesin ooh-ooh 

Then one hot August day 

When Frank was in Chicago 

The chef became the butcher 

Decided to burn it all down 

He locked all the doors
And waited with his hatchet 

That’s when he started the fire 

When Mamah, kids and workers 

Tried to escape
He came down with his hatchet 

Seven people expired 

In that house 

On that hill 

Known as Taliesin
Where Frank and Mamah Shared a romance 


(The Ballad of Frank & Mamah)



Acoustic Guitar - Jerry McPherson

Acoustic Guitar - Jon Conley

Bass Guitar - Chris Donohue

Drums, Percussion - Dennis Holt

Clarinet - John Painter

Lead Vocal and Honky Tonk Piano - Terry Sweet 

Backup Vocals - Kim Fleming

Backup Vocals - Lisa Bevill

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